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Building a Brighter financial Future & Good Support.

Niezza offers multiple options including savings, transfers, payments, loans and more! Young and old will find that Niezza matches their needs, no matter how complex. Apps are available for smartphones while USSD codes (*347*98#) exist for simpler phones.

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Services that we are providing

High Performance Services For All Industries.

Easily Set Up Your Niezza Account

Setting up a Niezza Account is very simple. All you have to do is type in our special USSD Code (*347*98#) . Your names will be requested for which you also input. Your Niezza Account is Set Up!

Load Up Your Niezza Account

you can load up or deposit funds in your Niezza Account by simply using airtime or the Niezza Voucher available near you. You simply dial our special code and input the PIN. The amount is credited to your Niezza Account immediately!

Make Transfers or Payments

You can easily and safely make transfers or payments from your Niezza Account Wallet. Just dial our Special Code and follow the instructions. It’s so simple.

Regular Receipts and Alerts

It’s your account so you will receive regular receipts and alerts for all credits or debits to your account. You are fully in charges.

Easy to use
Lots of Options, for Everybody

Anyone can use it

Niezza uses a very simple USSD system (*347*98#) , which does not require internet access or a fancy smart phone. The process of Mobile Banking has been simplified to the point that almost every Nigerian can use it, educated or not.

Niezza has brought relief to my company. Easy banking with excellent customer service.

Olayinka Ali


Our financial service provide you

We provide you your own Niezza Debit Cards

With a Niezza Account, you can have a ATM Card with your name on it. This means that you are able to use your ATM card wherever you are in Nigeria and beyond.

Easy to withdraw cash. ATM Withdrawals

You can withdraw cash from your Niezza Account using your ATM card! This makes life so simple and easier. Just slot in your ATM Card and follow the instructions.

Privacy and High Security in the Digital Payments World.

Niezza provides you with the highest level of security over your funds. You hold a secret PIN which only you know. Without the PIN, funds in your wallet cannot be moved. Other security systems are also in place to protect your funds.

Family Benefits

Niezza makes it easy for users to enjoy Insurance and Health Policies that are beneficial to the whole family. By making it possible for everybody to easily make contributions, Niezza unlocks many benefits for families.