Our products and services


With Niezza, you can safely and easily save, without owning a traditional bank account. Your mobile phone becomes your bank and you control your money anywhere anytime.


Now, you can make transfers very easily, even though you don’t have a bank account. Your Niezza Wallet will allow you to transfer funds to any bank account in Nigeria easily and safely.


You need to pay for your electricity bills, or buy a bus ticket? Your Niezza Mobile wallet makes this very possible. You simply make payment from your wallet balance and get confirmation. Simple!

Business Loan

Niezza offers reliable users the opportunity to access competitive loans based on your history and performance over time. Other related services include finance for small businesses.


Banking for all

While conventional Banks do not see the need to bank the poor and those in rural areas due to the small amounts being handled, Niezza changes this by exceeding the reach of banks through mobile technology and reducing transaction costs. Everyone can now be banked effectively.

Mobile Banking

Based on research, mobile banking projects like Niezza are instrumental in bringing the poor out of poverty as can be seen in Kenya.

Women Support

Niezza will economically empower women and youth which traditionally are the most unbanked section of Nigeria’s population. Niezza improves trade as producers in rural areas can trade and transact with buyers in city centres smoothly.

Boost Economy

Niezza shall help increase the efficiency of the entire Nigerian economy, by helping users make more productive choices both on spending and employment.